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Pairing SmartThings sensors

K Lars Lohn edited this page Oct 13, 2018 · 4 revisions

This is the procedure I've used when the initial pairing doesn't work.

This assumes that you're using a SmartThings sensor which has a connect button (small white button visible typically when removing the cover).

1 - Try resetting the sensor. Press and hold the connect button. If the LED immediately changes to a greenish orange color then continue to press and hold the button for 5-6 seconds until you see it flash red. The LED should then start flashing blue to indicate that it's looking for a network.

2 - If the LED didn't immediately change to greenish orange in Step 1, then remove the battery. Press and hold the connect button while inserting the battery. Continue holding the button for 5-6 seconds until the LED changes color.

3 - If the LED flashed green then the sensor should be repaired and should start to work (assuming it was previously paired and added to the gateway)

4 - If the LED is flashing blue, then press + in the UI to add new devices. This puts the zigbee dongle into pairing mode. If the sensor was previously added then you won't see a new device show up. If you see the LED flashing green then you can cancel out of the pairing mode and wait for a minute and it should start working again. If the sensor wasn't previously added, then you should see it show up. If the pairing process times out, press + again.

5 - If the sensor doesn't seem to be working, repeat start at step 1 a couple times before continuing to step 6.

6 - If all of that doesn't work, try removing the device from the gateway and repeating.