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Testing prerelease OTA updates

Ben Francis edited this page Dec 16, 2022 · 14 revisions


Starting with version 1.0, users can now set the updates.allowPrerelease config flag in ~/webthings/gateway/config/default.js in the source. After doing so, restart the gateway to allow updating via the UI (Settings -> Updates). The automatic OTA updater will also pick up prerelease updates after setting this flag. The config file may get overwritten after an update has been applied.

Note: You should also be able to override the value in ~/.webthings/config/local.json but it's not currently working.


There is one code change required on your local gateway to test the prerelease OTA update.

Remove !release.prerelease from tools/check-for-update.js (line 17) making it look like:

      return !release.draft;

Now run:

cd /home/pi/mozilla-iot/gateway

Please report any issues you encounter with this process on GitHub. Note that this process does take around 7-10 minutes to complete depending on your Raspberry Pi's processor power and time it takes to download the update.