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PyCharm Setup

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PyCharm Setup

This section contains information for developers used to using the JetBrains. Specifically PyCharm - which actually works perfectly well with Javascript.


  • You have cloned or forked the gateway
  • You have installed PyCharm 2017.1 or later.
  • PyCharm as the plugin Node.js integration, Vendor-JetBrains at version 171 or later.

Using the Correct Lint Tool

The Lint tool used for the WebThings project should be in your /node_packages directory here: <workspace>/gateway/node_modules/eslint

To run the lint tool from the command line you could do:

$ npm run lint
$ ### OR ###
$ ./node_modules/eslint/bin/eslint.js .

Setting PyCharm to Use the Lint Tool

But you don't want to be bothered with all that hassle if you have a good IDE! Open PyCharm's settings: File -> Settings

From the settings dialog, select: Languages & Frameworks -> JavaScript -> Code Quality Tools -> Eslint. Ensure that:

  • Enabled is checked
  • ESLint package is set as: <workspace>/gateway/node_modules/eslint
  • Select OK.

Pycharm settings