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Running OAuth Locally

James Hobin edited this page Jun 29, 2018 · 1 revision

Run the following code in a directory with express and simple-oauth2 installed. You can then visit http://localhost:31338/auth to initiate an OAuth flow that will get your credentials sent to http://localhost:31338/callback. This "test" client is set up in src/models/oauthclients.ts and can be modified to suit whichever scenario you want to test.


const express = require('express');
const http = require('http');
const simpleOAuth2 = require('simple-oauth2');

const CLIENT_ID = 'test'; // 'hello' on 0.3
const CLIENT_SECRET = 'super secret';
const REQUEST_SCOPE = '/things:readwrite'; // 'readwrite' on 0.3
const REQUEST_STATE = 'somethingrandom';

const config = {
  client: {
    id: CLIENT_ID,
    secret: CLIENT_SECRET
  auth: {
    tokenHost: ''

const oauth2 = simpleOAuth2.create(config);

const client = express();
const port = 31338;

let jwt;

client.get('/auth', (req, res) => {
    redirect_uri: `${port}/callback`,
    scope: REQUEST_SCOPE,
    state: REQUEST_STATE

client.get('/callback', (req, res) => {
  const code = req.query.code;
  console.log('query', req.query);

  oauth2.authorizationCode.getToken({code: code}).then(result => {
    const token = oauth2.accessToken.create(result);
    jwt = token;
    // At this point you can make requests to the gateway using Authorization: Bearer {jwt}
  }).catch(err => {

const clientServer = http.createServer();
clientServer.on('request', client);

The exact definition of the test client is the following code in src/models/oauthclients.ts:

let oauthClients = new OAuthClients();
  new ClientRegistry(new URL(''), 'test',
                     'Test OAuth Client', 'super secret', '/things:readwrite')

The addresses assume that the same device is running the gateway and the simpleOAuth2 server. If you want to run these on separate devices, the first relevant place to make changes is to point to where you're hosting the gateway, e.g. https://gateway.local,, or The next is which should point to wherever you're running the simpleOAuth2 server described in the first source code listing. This could be or

It would also be recommended to change 'test' to a new client id, 'Test OAuth Client' to a description of your service, and 'super secret' to a randomized secret.