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Instagram is a trademark of Instagram, Inc. This app is not affiliated with Instagram, Inc.

InstaFix serves fixed Instagram image and video embeds. Heavily inspired by

How to use

Add dd before to show Instagram embeds, or

Embed Media Only

Add d.dd before to show only the media.

Gallery View

Add g.dd before to show only the author and the media, without any caption.

Deploy InstaFix yourself (locally)

  1. Clone the repository.
  2. Install Go.
  3. Run go build.
  4. Run ./instafix.

Deploy InstaFix yourself (cloud)

  1. Pull the latest container image from GHCR and run it.
    docker pull
  2. Run the pulled image with Docker (bound on port 3000):
    docker run -d --restart=always -p 3000:3000
  3. Optional: Use the Docker Compose file in ./scripts/docker-compose.yml.
  4. Optional: Use a Kubernetes Deployment file and a Kubernetes Ingress configuration file to deploy to a Kubernetes cluster (with 10 replicas) by issuing kubectl apply -f . over the ./scripts/k8s/ folder. [TODO: CockroachDB is not shared between replicas at application level, extract Cockroach into its own Service and allow replicas to communicate to it].

Using iOS shortcut (contributed by @JohnMcAnearney)

You can use the iOS shortcut found here: Embed in Discord, in order to quickly embed content using InstaFix. The shortcut works by grabbing the url of the Instagram content you're trying to share, automatically appends 'dd' to where it needs to be, copies this to your device's clipboard and opens Discord.

Note: Once you've downloaded the shortcut, you will need to:

  1. Update the value of YOUR_SERVER_URL_HERE by opening the shortcut in the Shortcuts App. The value for this can be a direct message URL or a server URL.
  2. The shortcut will already be available in your share sheet. To test, go to Instagram -> share -> Tap on "Embed in Discord".
  3. This will open Discord and now you simply paste the text into the custom chat you've setup!
  4. Now edit your sharesheet to make it even quicker to use! Simply open your share sheet by sharing something from Instagram, click "Edit Actions..." and click the "+" button on "Embed in Discord"

Report a bug

You could open an issue.