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Today is a big day! πŸŽ‰

We worked pretty hard with @NikKovIos since March on supporting multiple selection.
This was quite a big feature actually (bigger than I expected to be honest) so we'd like to thank you all for your patience. We know this was a much awaited one !

Today's menu

  • New Api for multiple selection #114, #54 #103
  • Video Trimming/ Choosing cover (Big thanks to @HHK1, courtesy of
  • Tap Preview in Filter screens (touch the photo to see the unfiltered version)
  • Support for Video only (Kudos to @portellaa πŸ‘ ) #110 #88
  • A nice progress bar while loading long videos
  • The ability to know the media source, library or shot
  • The ability to access the original image, unfiltered #42
  • Italian Translation πŸ• (Thanks @Viktormax !)
  • German Translation (Thanks @Anarchoschnitzel !)
  • Arabic Translation (Thanks @hanikeddah !)

⚠️ Pre-release

These are some pretty big changes, so we decided to make this a pre-release.
For the ones kind enough to try this release please report any bug you find on the way :)

πŸ™ Thank You

Lastly I'd like to personally thank @NikKovIos for his hardwork on this release, this wouldn't have
been possible without his dedication ! Truly great to work with you buddy :)

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The readme has been updated with the new api, have fun!