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Release 1.5.0

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@Zabrid Zabrid released this 15 Mar 22:03
· 2 commits to main since this release

Create crates in-game and with Skript!

If you need help you can visit the wiki

Changes & Fixes

  • Added a toggle option to the config to completely enable/disable rerolls for all players
  • Added removeitem command (usable by players and console)
  • Added {uuid} and {crate} variables to command rewards (You can use command crates removeitem {crate} {uuid} to make rewards one time only)
  • Added removeitem to help command list
  • Fixed tab completions not including all commands
  • Added option to sort the preview crate GUI by the chances in which the items have (highest chance will be at the top, lowest at the bottom)
  • Improved ID/UUID generation for items (now there is basically a 0 percent chance of overlap) (this change will not effect items added in previous versions)



Installation Guide

To install this script, download the Source Code folder below, drag it into your plugins/Skript/scripts directory, unzip it, and reload. Feel free to rename the folder as you wish.