A simple E-Paper display library with common base class and separate IO class for Arduino.
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A simple E-Paper display library with common base class and separate IO class for Arduino.

For SPI e-paper displays from Dalian Good Display

and SPI e-paper boards from Waveshare

important note :

- these displays are for 3.3V supply and 3.3V data lines

- never connect data lines directly to 5V Arduino data pins, you may use e.g. 4k7 series resistor

- do not forget to connect GND

Paged Drawing, Picture Loop for AVR

  • This library uses paged drawing to cope with RAM restriction and missing single pixel update support
  • Paged drawing is implemented using callbacks to callback functions in the user application code,
  • the picture loop is internal to the display classes and calls the callback function as many times as needed,
  • this is a different implementation compared to the picture loop in U8G2 (Oliver Kraus)
  • see also https://github.com/olikraus/u8glib/wiki/tpictureloop

The E-Paper display base class is a subclass of Adafruit_GFX, to have graphics and text rendering.

  • It needs up to 30kB available RAM to buffer the black/white image for the SPI displays, double for 3-color.
  • ESP8266, ESP32 , STM32 systems, Arduino Due e.g. have enough free RAM for full graphics buffer.
  • Paged Drawing is available to cope with RAM restriction on AVR processors.

Supporting Arduino Forum Topics:

Supported SPI e-paper panels from Good Display:

  • GDEP015OC1 1.54" b/w
  • GDEW0154Z04 1.54" b/w/r 200x200
  • GDEW0154Z17 1.54" b/w/r 152x152
  • GDE0213B1 2.13" b/w
  • GDEW0213Z16 2.13" b/w/r
  • GDEH029A1 2.9" b/w
  • GDEW029Z10 2.9" b/w/r
  • GDEW027C44 2.7" b/w/r
  • GDEW027W3 2.7" b/w
  • GDEW042T2 4.2" b/w
  • GDEW042Z15 4.2" b/w/r
  • GDEW0583T7 5.83" b/w
  • GDEW075T8 7.5" b/w
  • GDEW075Z09 7.5" b/w/r

Supported SPI e-paper panels & boards from Waveshare: compare with Good Display, same panel

I can and will only support e-paper panels I have!

  • promotion panels from suppliers are welcome, to add support to GxEPD
  • donation panels from users are welcome, to add support to GxEPD

for pin mapping suggestions see ConnectingHardware.md

Version 3.0.1

  • update comments in GxFont_GFX_Example for UTF-8 use, e.g. Umlauts ÄÖÜäéöü
  • NOTE: you need to SAVE the modified example to a saveable location for UTF-8 characters to work

Version 3.0.0

  • new src directory structure avoids the need for .cpp includes
  • only header files includes are needed
  • Arduino IDE 1.8.x automatically includes needed code from .cpp files
  • DO NOT include .cpp files with this version, linker would complain
  • src directory structure makes GxEPD a more usual Arduino Library

Version 2.3.17

  • removed GxGDEW0213I5F for 2.13" b/w 104x212 flexible display
  • did not work, different unknown controller

Version 2.3.16

  • added GxGDEW0213I5F for 2.13" b/w 104x212 flexible display
  • NOT tested on GxGDEW0213I5F, I don't have this display
  • tested on 2.9" 3-color display, has same controller IL0373

Version 2.3.15

  • added GxEPD_SD_Example and GxEPD_WiFi_Example
  • GxEPD_SD_Example replaces GxEPD_SD_BitmapExample with more BMP depths
  • GxEPD_SD_Example does not work on small RAM AVR
  • GxEPD_WiFi_Example only for ESP32 and ESP8286
  • ESP8266 does not work reliable with big BMP download (known ESP8266 package issue)

Version 2.3.14

  • added GxEPD_SD_BitmapExample

Version 2.3.13

  • added "no BUSY" support to GxGDEP015OC1 for Heltec E-Paper 1.54" b/w without BUSY
  • set BUSY parameter to -1 for Heltec E-Paper 1.54" b/w without BUSY

Version 2.3.12

  • added GxGDEW0583T7 for 5.83" b/w 600x448 display
  • my GDEW0583T7 panel has a refresh time of ~15 seconds
  • please report if you got this display with faster refresh time, or got faster driver or demo

Version 2.3.11

  • fix GxGDEW042T2 to avoid double full refresh after reset (deep sleep wakeup)

Version 2.3.10

  • added GxGDEW0154Z17 for 1.54" 3-color 152x152 display
  • NOT tested on GDEW0154Z17, I don't have this display
  • tested on 2.9" 3-color display, same controller IL0373
  • use GxEPD_RED to get yellow on yellow 3-color e-paper

Version 2.3.9

  • new version for 7.5" 3-color display GxGDEW075Z09
  • GxGDEW075Z09 runs with full buffer on ESP32, Arduino Due, STM32F4
  • runs with reduced buffer on ESP8266, STM32F1, AVR : will show buffer content as stripes
  • supports paged display on AVR, ESP8266, STM32F1

Version 2.3.8

  • Serial Diagnostic Output selectable by parameter of init() call:
  • void init(uint32_t serial_diag_bitrate = 0); // = 0 : disabled

Version 2.3.7

Version 2.3.6

  • fixes and cleanup

Version 2.3.5

  • GxFont_GFX : Font Rendering Graphics Switch and Bridge Class