Unmaintaned: Please do not contact me with support requests. If this no longer works, it's because Google Voice changed their systems. I will accept pull requests that fix things. Check out http://twilio.com and http://tropo.com for a much better API for sending and receiving SMSs.
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Google Voice PHP API

An API to interact with Google Voice using PHP.

Currently the API can place calls, cancel previously placed calls, send and receive SMS messages, add a note to or remove a note from a message or voicemail, mark a message or voicemail as read or unread, and download transcriptions and/or MP3 files of voicemail. Feel free to implement new functionality and send me your changes so I can incorporate them into this library!

getUnreadSMS, getReadSMS, getUnreadVoicemail, and getReadVoicemail all return an array of JSON objects. Each object has the following attributes, example values included:

$msg->id = c3716aa447a19c7e2e7347f443dd29091401ae13
$msg->phoneNumber = +15555555555
$msg->displayNumber = (555) 555-5555
$msg->startTime = 1359918736555
$msg->displayStartDateTime = 2/3/13 5:55 PM
$msg->displayStartTime = 5:55 PM
$msg->relativeStartTime = 5 hours ago
$msg->note = 
$msg->isRead = true
$msg->isSpam = false
$msg->isTrash = false
$msg->star: = alse
$msg->messageText = Hello, cellphone.
$msg->labels = [sms,all]
$msg->type = 11
$msg->children = 

Note: Receiving SMSs and voicemails is mostly unnecessary via this API since Google now allows SMSs to be forwarded to an email address. It is a better idea to parse those incoming emails with a script.

SMS and Voice Integration

For better SMS and voice integration with your web app, check out Tropo at tropo.com. Tropo is free for development, and you will get better results than using unsupported Google Voice API calls.

Check out some sample apps built with Tropo


This code is provided for educational purposes only. This code may stop working at any time if Google changes their login mechanism or their web pages. You agree that by downloading this code you agree to use it solely at your own risk.


Copyright 2009 by Aaron Parecki http://aaronparecki.com