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dng / dcp camera profiles made to match film simulation profiles available for fujifilm x-series cameras
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Fujifilm Camera Profiles

This is a set of four camera profiles for use with raw images from digital cameras. They are made to match the film look profiles avalable in adobe cameraraw / lightroom for fuji X-cameras.

The Film Stocks are:

  • Provia
  • Velvia
  • Astia
  • Classic Chrome

Technical Details

The profiles use a LookTable and ToneCuve. Dng profiles based on adobe standard are included as examples

Included for each film stock are:

  • xml text file containing the LookTable and ToneCuve for dcp profiles
  • xml and dcp profiles for the fuji xt-1 and panasonic gh3
  • cube lut
  • the cube lut and csv tables can be used with adobe's look profiles (xmp preset)

I use dcpTool to convert between xml and dcp

To make a profile for a different camera:

  • take an existing profile for that camera
  • convert it to xml
  • replace the <LookTable> and <ToneCuve> xml tags with the ones from the film look text file
  • <DefaultBlackRender> should be set to 1
  • <ProfileLookTableEncoding> should be set to 1
  • change <ProfileName>
  • convert back to dcp


These profiles are licenced as cc-by-nc-sa 4.0 This means you may modify, make derivitives, or distribute them, eg; for another camera make and model. But you must attribute this source, share with same licence, and not sell them.

All Photographs produced with these profiles are entirely your own work, and not derivitives. The licence applies only to the profiles.

The Trademarks "Fujifilm", "Provia", "Velvia", "Astia", and "Adobe" are used for identification puposes only. No software from Fujifilm or Adobe are contained in this repository except for the included adobe standard camera profiles.

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