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*ACL Paper Styles

This directory contains the latest LaTeX and Word templates for *ACL conferences.

Instructions for authors

Paper submissions to *ACL conferences must use the official ACL style templates.

The LaTeX style files are available

Please see latex/acl_latex.tex for an example.

The Microsoft Word template is available in this repository at word/acl.docx.

Please follow the paper formatting guidelines general to *ACL conferences:

Authors may not modify these style files or use templates designed for other conferences.

Instructions for publications chairs

To adapt the style files for your conference, please fork this repository and make necessary changes. Minimally, you'll need to update the name of the conference and rename the files.

If you make improvements to the templates that should be propagated to future conferences, please submit a pull request. Thank you in advance!

In older versions of the templates, authors were asked to fill in the START submission ID so that it would be stamped at the top of each page of the anonymized version. This is no longer needed, because it is now possible to do this stamping automatically within START. Currently, the way to do this is for the program chair to email and request it.


Official style files for papers submitted to venues of the Association for Computational Linguistics






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