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@balsama balsama released this 25 Oct 19:55
· 52 commits to 8.x-2.x since this release


  • Lightning Media has been updated to use the new Core Media system.
  • Fixed a bug where the "Publishing status" checkbox appeared on content edit forms when it should have been hidden. (GitHub #479)

2.2.0 to 2.2.1 Manual Update Steps

Special instructions for media entity migration

This release will migrate your existing media entities to the core media module. Prior to running the database updates, you must:

  1. Ensure Composer properly downloaded and patched all dependencies.
  2. Rebuild Drupal's caches.

This release changes the set of patches that are applied to drupal/core without actually updating core, which exposes this bug in the composer-patches plugin. As a result, you will likely need to run composer update twice. Specifically:

composer update acquia/lightning --with-dependencies
composer update drupal/core

Alternatively, you can delete your "/docroot/core" and "/docroot/modules" folders and your composer.lock file before running composer update. If you use BLT, the provided composer nuke command will do that for you.

Once you have confirmed that your codebase has been update properly, you must rebuild your site's caches before running the database updates.

drush cache-rebuild

If your codebase has been updated properly, you should see the following four pending database updates when you run drush updatedb:

lightning_api module : 
  8002 -   Installs the Consumers module. 

lightning_media module : 
  8018 -   Updates the media browser's argument validation. 

media_entity module : 
  8200 -   Clears the module handler's hook implementation cache. 
  8201 -   Replace Media Entity with Media. 
Configuration updates
  • Visit Structure > Content types. For each moderated content type, click "Manage form display", then drag the "Publishing status" field into the "Disabled" section and press "Save".

Known issues


  • If you upload an image into an image field using the new image browser, you can set the image's alt text at upload time, but that text will not be replicated to the image field. This is due to a limitation of Entity Browser's API.
  • Some of the Lightning contributed media module listed above might not yet be compatible with the Core Media entity.
  • The Video Embed Field module, a dependency of Lightning Media, might report that it is unsupported. We're working with the module maintainer to remove this warning.


  • Lightning Workflow is based on Workbench Moderation, which is incompatible with the experimental Content Moderation module included with Drupal core 8.3.0 and later and serves the same purpose as Workbench Moderation. We plan to seamlessly migrate Lightning Workflow to Content Moderation once it is ready and an update path exists (see Issue #2863059 for more information). But for now, installing Content Moderation alongside Lightning Workflow may have unpredictable and dangerous effects, an is best avoided.