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💡 About

ChatGPT Widescreen Mode adds widescreen + fullscreen modes to ChatGPT, enhancing your chat sessions by reducing scrolling & creating a more immersive viewing experience.

📺 Demo

💊 Benefits

🧠 Experience clearer programming code display with proper indentation

📜 View multi-step instructions or long recipes on a single page for easier reference

🖥️ Enjoy original lyrics, poetry, essays, or compositions in a more visually pleasing format

⚙️ Customize features like larger chatbox & hidden header/footer for more spacious view

🌐 Works with: +

🗨️ User feedback

Greasy Fork:

Chrome Web Store:

🚀 Installation

Browser extension:

  1. Install ChatGPT Widescreen Mode extension (Chrome, Edge)

  2. Visit or & mode toggles are added to chatbar!

Pro tip: For easier access to extension toggles, (1) click in the browser's toolbar, (2) then next to extension name.

Greasemonkey userscript:

  1. Install Tampermonkey (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera)

  2. Install ChatGPT Widescreen Mode userscript (will load in userscript manager installed above)

  3. Visit or & mode toggles are added to chatbar!

NOTE: Since full-window mode hides the sidebar, press '+' to start new chats

⚡ Dependencies

ChatGPT Widescreen Mode relies on code from the powerful chatgpt.js library
© 2023–2024 KudoAI & contributors under the MIT license.

🌐 Compatibility

ChatGPT Widescreen Mode is compatible w/ the following browsers:

🧠 Contributors

This project exists thanks to code, translations, issues & ideas from the following contributors:

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