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TORQUE Resource Manager

This is the master branch README. Major changes and updates should go into this branch.


TORQUE (Terascale Open-source Resource and Queue manger) is an open source project based on the original PBS* resource manager developed by NASA, LLNL, and MRJ. It possesses a large number of enhancements contributed by organizations such as OSC, NCSA, TeraGrid, the U.S Dept of Energy, USC, and many, many others. It continues to incorporate significant advancements in the areas of scalability, fault-tolerance, usability, functionality, and security development from the community and vendor supporters. It may be utilized, modified, and distributed subject to the constraints of the license located in the PBS_License.txt file. If you would like to contribute to this project or have patches, enhancements, or associated projects you would like to have included in this project, please send an email to our mailing list.

Installation Instructions

The current build status is Build Status.

Install directions are available on the documentation website

Additional information concerning TORQUE is available in the PBS Administrator's Guide available in the found in the 'doc' subdirectory.

Additional Notes

  • TORQUE is not endorsed by nor affiliated with Altair.