Parse AEMO NEM12 (interval metering data) and NEM13 (accumulated metering data) data files
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The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) defines a Meter Data File Format (MDFF) for reading energy billing data. This library sets out to parse these NEM12 (interval metering data) and NEM13 (accumulated metering data) data files into a useful python object, for use in other projects.


First, read in the NEM file:

from nemreader import read_nem_file
m = read_nem_file('examples/unzipped/Example_NEM12_actual_interval.csv')

You can see what data for the NMI and suffix (channel) is available:

> print(m.header)
HeaderRecord(version_header='NEM12', creation_date=datetime.datetime(2004, 4, 20, 13, 0), from_participant='MDA1', to_participant='Ret1')

> print(m.transactions)
{'VABD000163': {'E1': [], 'Q1': []}}

Standard suffix/channels are defined in the National Metering Identifier Procedure. E1 is the general consumption channel (11 for NEM13).

Most importantly, you will want to get the energy data itself:

> for nmi in m.readings:
>     for channel in m.readings[nmi]:
>         for reading in m.readings[nmi][suffix][-1:]:
>             print(reading)
Reading(t_start=datetime.datetime(2004, 4, 17, 23, 30), t_end=datetime.datetime(2004, 4, 18, 0, 0), read_value=14.733, uom='kWh', quality_method='S14', event='', read_start=None, read_end=None)

Transpose to CSV

You can also output the NEM file in a more human readable format:

from nemreader import output_as_csv
file_name = 'examples/unzipped/Example_NEM12_actual_interval.csv'
output_file = output_as_csv(file_name)

Which outputs transposed values to a csv file for all channels:

2004-02-01 00:00:00,2004-02-01 00:30:00,1.111,2.222,A
2004-02-01 00:30:00,2004-02-01 01:00:00,1.111,2.222,A