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Newsbeuter is an open-source RSS/Atom feed reader for text terminals.
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README for newsbeuter
Andreas Krennmair <>

Newsbeuter is an RSS feed reader for the text console. It is designed to run
Unix-like operating systems such as Linux. NetBSD is currently not supported,
due to technical limitations.

You can download the latest version of newsbeuter from the following website:

Alternatively, you can check out the latest version from the newsbeuter
Git repository (hosted on GitHub):

	git clone git://

Newsbeuter depends on a number of libraries, which need to be installed before
newsbeuter can be compiled.

- STFL (version 0.21 or newer):
- SQLite3 (version 3.5 or newer):
- libcurl (version 7.18.0 or newer):
- GNU gettext (on systems that don't provide gettext in the libc):
- pkg-config:
- libxml2:
- json-c (version 0.11 or newer):

Debian unstable comes with ready-to-use packages for these dependencies.

Compiling and installing newsbeuter is as simple as:

	make install

Andreas Krennmair <>

Newsbeuter is licensed under the MIT/X Consortium License. See the file LICENSE
for further details.
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