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Alexa Media Player Custom Component for homeassistant

What This Is:

This is a custom component to allow control of Amazon Alexa devices in Home Assistant using the unofficial Alexa API. Please note this mimics the Alexa app but Amazon may cut off access at anytime.

Originally inspired and created by Keaton Taylor

What It Does:

Allows for control of Amazon Echo products as home assistant media devices with the following features:

  • Play/Pause/Stop
  • Next/Previous (Track)
  • Volume
  • Retrieval for displaying in home assistant of:
    • Song Title
    • Artists Name
    • Album Name
    • Album Image

Installation and Configuration

Please see the wiki.

Further Documentation

Please see the wiki


Please reference the release history.

How to Help

While it'd be nice to have more developers, you can contribute without knowing how to code. You can file bugs/feature requests, help answer questions here and on the HA forums, or you can help with other tasks like translations and updating the wiki.


We are now on Lokalise. If you're a native speaker, please join the team. See Translations page for more details.


The wiki is a group effort to document how to use the component and other useful automations. Don't worry about making mistakes as we can revert using the history.


Apache-2.0. By providing a contribution, you agree the contribution is licensed under Apache-2.0. This is required for Home Assistant contributions.