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CSC 485E + SENG 480B, 2016, Fall Semester

This course aims to give students the tools and skills to rapidly develop and transform innovative ideas (of their own choosing) into working projects utilizing advanced mobile, social, cloud, and web technologies. In particular, students will experience the style of development activity that is common in a new startup company. The project based course will be augmented by a series of lectures to accelerate learning with new web technologies, product design, agile development practices, user interface design, and project management. During the term, students will work in teams of 5 students. Each team will be closely mentored by several staff members (including the instructors and one or more members from industry). Students will gain valuable technical skills and experience working in small teams, while facing real-world challenges that include a tight schedule, hard deadlines, and self directed learning.

Projects will include designing and developing a live web system. Each team will also maintain a web page with project documentation and design documents.

See course requirements and student testimonials.

Classes will be on Fridays 1:30-4:20 at HHB 110:
(Tentative schedule, slides are in the resources section)

Date Meeting agenda
1 09/09/2016 Introduction (Alexey), How to build a software product, Standing on the shoulders of giants, Demo of past projects (guest: Carlene Lebeuf), Forming teams
2 16/09/2016 Startup Slam invitation (Noah Warder), Web development overview (Alexey), Mobile development overview (Greg), UI/UX - Design Thinking (Peggy)
3 23/09/2016 Git, GitHub, and Working Together (Ian), Project proposal presentations
4 30/09/2016 Guest talks:
 · So you want to build a thing by Jason Trill (Director of Engineering at Flow, previously was at Metalab),
 · Will Fraser (CEO and Co-Founder of Referral SaaSquatch)
5 14/10/2016 Milestone 1 presentation - Proof Of Concept
6 21/10/2016  · Software Management for people who just want to get stuff done (Cliff),
 · Benevity guest talk by Jim Olson (product design at Benevity) and Jon Wiggens (UI Designer at Benevity, previously at EA),
 · Dev Ops - 12 factor apps (Cliff)
7 28/10/2016  · Testing for web developers by Clarke Brunsdon (CEO and Co-founder of Stembolt)
 · Startup accelerators Q&A by Brad Van Vugt (Co-founder of SendWithUs and YC alum) and Leif Baradoy (CEO and Co-founder of Giftbit and Techstars Alum)
 · UI/UX - thinking about the user (Peggy)
8 04/11/2016 Milestone 2 presentation - Release Candidate
9 02/12/2016 Milestone 3 presentation - Public live BETA
(note: time and location of this meeting may change)
19/12/2016 Final submission (by email, no meeting)

Mentoring Staff:

Alumni mentors: Arie van Deursen

Teams and Projects:
View current and past [teams and projects](teams and

Reception Hour: By appointment. Friday 11:00am-12:00pm at ECS 617 (please send an email to set a meeting)

Contact email:


This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. This doesn't include the students' projects, which are hosted on separate repositories and each have their own license.

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Intellectual Property Ownership

Students are asked to consult with the project participant agreement. UVic will agree to waive its interest in such IP under the following conditions:

  1. A class list and list of associated projects (contained with the attached Project Participant Agreement) is provided to ORS (via RPKM) within 1 month of the start date of the course, and
  2. That the students make their IP developed during the course freely available to other students taking the course for learning purpose only for the duration of the course
  3. Each student participating signs the attached “Project Participation Agreement” (PPA) where they acknowledge they will not use any faculty IP/University owned IP in their project.


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