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Restore a truncated mp4/mov. Improved version of ponchio/untrunc
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Restore a damaged (truncated) mp4, m4v, mov, 3gp video. Provided you have a similar not broken video. And some luck.

You need:

  • Another video file which isn't broken
  • Basic ability to use a command line (GUI exists)

About this fork

This fork improves the original in the following:

  • more than 10 times faster!
  • low memory usage, fixes #30
  • easier to build + automated windows builds
  • >2GB file support
  • ability to skip over unknown bytes
  • generic support for all tracks with fixed-width chunks (e.g. twos/sowt)
  • advanced logging system
  • can stretch/shrink video to match audio duration
  • compatible with new versions of ffmpeg
  • handles invalid atom lengths
  • supports GoPro and Sony XAVC videos
  • many bugs got fixed, actively maintained


Windows users can download the latest version here.
In certain cases a specific version of ffmpeg is needed. Untrunc works great with ffmpeg 3.3.9.

With system libraries

sudo apt-get install libavformat-dev libavcodec-dev libavutil-dev
# get the source code
sudo cp untrunc /usr/local/bin

With local libraries

Just use following commands, make will do the rest for you.

sudo apt-get install libva-dev liblzma-dev libx11-dev libbz2-dev zlib1g-dev yasm pkg-config wget
make FF_VER=3.3.9
sudo cp untrunc /usr/local/bin


The GUI is optional. It is included in the automated windows builds.
You will need libui. After that, just do

make untrunc-gui

Docker container

You can use the included Dockerfile to build and execute the package as a container.
The optional argument 'FF_VER' will be passed to make.

# docker build --build-arg FF_VER=3.3.9 -t untrunc .
docker build -t untrunc .
docker image prune --filter label=stage=intermediate -f

docker run -v ~/Videos/:/mnt untrunc /mnt/ok.mp4 /mnt/broken.mp4


You need both the broken video and an example working video (ideally from the same camera, if not the chances to fix it are slim).

Run this command in the folder where you have unzipped and compiled Untrunc but replace the /path/to/... bits with your 2 video files:

./untrunc /path/to/working-video.m4v /path/to/broken-video.m4v

Then it should churn away and hopefully produce a playable file called broken-video_fixed.m4v.

That's it you're done!

(Thanks to Tom Sparrow for providing the guide)


Reporting issues

Use the -v parameter for a more detailed output. Both the healthy and corrupt file might be needed to help you.


If this software helped you please consider donating here!
Donations will encourage me to keep working on this software, leading to more media being supported and better recovered files.

You might also want to consider donating to ponchio, see his instructions here.

Thank you.

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