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This is OpenDyslexic, recreated in SIL-OFL. antijingoist/opendyslexic will be the official OpenDyslexic repo. It is an opensource typeface that aims to help with some of the symptoms of dyslexia, as defined by the DSM-V.


The Bitstream license was too restrictive, and my attempts at clarifying what was allowed (pretty much anything) just confused everything even more. I should have also done it from the start.

Also.... easier to correct some mistakes when starting from scratch.


OpenDyslexic, in Regular, Bold, Italic, and BoldItalic. Also, OpenDyslexic Mono, and OpenDyslexic Rounded.


Download the latest release on github


On most platforms, double click the font files (.otf) to install. Detailed instructions


  • Not Comic Sans (j/k I like Comic Sans too)
  • OpenDyslexic aims to use unique letter shapes to make recognizing text easier.
  • Longer ascenders and descenders to better distinguish caps, lowercase, and similar lowercase letters.
  • Bolder bottoms of letters to communicate orientation, and better help differentiate between letters like pqdb. Similar to having an underlined 6 so the similar looking 6 and 9 can be told apart in a game.
  • Bolder punctuation shows more clearly.
  • Wider spacing for easier tracking.
  • Lower contrast design to help with glare/blindness: the occasional blank paper with text on it.
  • Larger space between lines.
  • Experimental color support

OpenDyslexic now also includes:

  • Color symbols and punctuation
  • More characters. I tried to include it all.


Open-Dyslexic submissions were messy because they mostly came in compiled typeface files, creating a lot of work in comparing files, properly pulling them from the compiled typeface and moving them over to the app native source being used.

As such, submissions are accepted as long as:

  • it's provided as a pull request against the typeface source
  • it's submitted as an SVG document

Allowed uses:

see OFL-FAQ.txt , but tl;dr: pretty open


KISS. If you put it on a CDN to share, let me know, and I can include links.

Sharing Products

I'll work on a submission process for this. E-mail wasn't the best place to receive these. In the meantime....


the OFL-FAQ.txt document is fantastic at frequently asked questions, and it contains information about this also. :)

If you need my preferred attribution method:

  • Include name, typeface name and URL so others know where to find it.

Privacy policy

Typefaces don't gather any information, so no need to worry about that. Everything from downloads to websites are provided by the service.

Filling out school/business forms

If you need a form for your school or business, create a support request ( and please be patient. 🤞🏼 You can speed up turn around time by asking for the information you need for the form separately, or pre-filling the parts you know.

Some of these forms are upwards of 20 pages of information that needs to be filled out yearly.

Privacy policy

The typeface itself cannot collect or send information.


OpenDyslexic, a typeface that uses typeface shapes & features to help offset some visual symptoms of Dyslexia. Now in SIL-OFL.






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