a graphical threads-with-tags style, lightweight and fast, email client for notmuch, inspired by sup and others
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Astroid is a lightweight and fast Mail User Agent that provides a graphical interface to searching, display and composing email, organized in thread and tags. Astroid uses the notmuch backend for blazingly fast searches through tons of email. Astroid searches, displays and composes emails - and rely on other programs for fetching, syncing and sending email. Check out Astroid in your general mail setup for a suggested complete mail solution.

Check out the tour of how to install, configure and use astroid. Brief instructions are provided below.

main features and goals include:

acquiring astroid

get astroid from:

$ git clone https://github.com/astroidmail/astroid.git

installation and usage


$ scons -j 8    # compile up to 8 targets at the same time

to run the tests do:

$ scons test


Configure with a prefix and install:

$ scons -j 8 --prefix=/usr build
$ scons --prefix=/usr install

this will install the astroid binary into /usr/bin/ and data files into /usr/share/astroid/. refer to the installing section in the wiki for more information.


running astroid will make a new configuration file in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/astroid (normally: ~/.config/astroid/. refer to the configuration section in the wiki for more information.

running and usage

$ ./astroid

press ? to get a list of available key bindings in the current mode, navigate up and down using j and k. refer to the usage section in the wiki for more information on usage and customization.

patches, help, comments and bugs

Report on the github page or to the mailinglist at: astroidmail@googlegroups.com, subscribe online or by sending an email to: astroidmail+subscribe@googlegroups.com.

Contributions to Astroid in the form of patches, documentation and testing are very welcome. Information on how to contribute to astroid can be found in the wiki.

You can usually find us at #astroid (web) or #notmuch (web) at irc.freenode.net.

This project adheres to Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct v1.4.


The main inspiration for astroid is the sup mail user agent. sup provided inspiration for notmuch which is a mail indexer. astroid is using notmuch as a backend.

Some parts of the user interface and layout have been copied from or has been inspired by the Geary mail client. Also, some inspiration and code stems from ner, another notmuch email client.


See LICENSE.md for licensing information.