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Huawei WMI Hotkeys Driver

This Linux driver enables the extra keys on Huawei laptops. So far, it has been tested on these models:

  • Matebook X
  • Matebook X Pro


  1. Make sure you have your kernel headers. In Fedora it would be:
# dnf install kernel-headers

Should be similar in other distributions.

  1. Clone and install the module.
$ git clone
$ cd Huawei-WMI
$ make
$ sudo make install


One of the keys, micmute, wouldn't work after inserting the module and that is due to an issue with X.Org. The solution would be to remap it to using udev hwdb tables. Copy 99-Huawei.hwdb to /etc/udev/hwdb.d/ then update the hwdb tables:

sudo udevadm --debug hwdb --update; sudo udevadm trigger


  • Merge driver into upstream
  • Getting device LEDs to work See 0003-ALSA-hda-add-support-for-Huawei-WMI-micmute-LED.patch
  • Support more devices
  • ACPI driver?


Fork, modify, and create a pull request.


  • Thanks to Daniel Vogelbacher @cytrinox for testing the module on the MBX.