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Gradle plugin to create a clean application in Java that already works, It follows our best practices!
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Scaffolding of Clean Architecture

Gradle plugin to create a java application based on Clean Architecture following our best practices!

Plugin Implementation

To use the plugin you need Gradle version 5 or later, to start add the following section into your build.gradle file.

plugins {
 id "" version "0.33"


The Scaffolding Clean Architecture plugin will allow you create 1 task (more tasks are comming) :

  1. The cleanArchitecture task will generate a clean architecture structure in your project, this task have three optional parameters; package , type and name.
  • package = <package.we.need>: You can specify the main or default package of your project. Default Value =

  • type = <imperative>: With this parameter the task will generate a POO project. Default Value = imperative

  • name = NameProject: This parameter is going to specify the name of the project. Default Value = cleanArchitecture

gradle cleanArchitecture --type=imperative --name=NameProject

How I can help?

The following functionalities are within the road map of this script:

- Task to generate entry points
- Task to generate driven adapters
- Task to generate models
- Task to generate usecase
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