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Pry Theme


Pry Theme is a plugin for Pry, which helps you to customize your Pry colors via prytheme files.


All you need is to install the gem. The pry-theme plugin will be detected and used automatically.

gem install pry-theme


Theme files

Theme file is a valid YAML file, which has .prytheme extension (for example, beautiful.prytheme). Pry Theme ships only with two themes: pry-classic and pry-modern. In order to set up the desired theme, add the following line into your .pryrc:

Pry.config.theme = "theme-name"

The default theme is pry-classic (basically, you won't notice it, because it copies the default outlook of Pry, just as you didn't install anything). Let's change it to something more neoteric:

Pry.config.theme = "pry-modern"

That's all! Launch your Pry and you will see the changes.


Pry Theme has a command-line interface available via Pry. Just launch Pry and start working with it. For example, you can temporary change themes on the fly:

[1] pry(main)> pry-theme pry-classic

This will switch your current theme to pry-classic.

You can find more information about CLI in Pry Theme Wiki.

Creating themes

Creating new themes isn't hard. Check out Pry Theme Wiki article on that.

Adding new themes

Theme files must have .prytheme extension. Check out Pry Theme Collection, if you want to find some themes other than default ones.

  • On GNU/Linux and Mac OS

    Put your theme file in $HOME/.pry/themes directory.

And don't forget to adjust your .pryrc!


Basically, it will run on any terminal that is capable of displaying 256 colors, but with a couple of admonishments. They are listed below.

OS support

  • GNU/Linux;
  • Mac OS (I hope so, leastwise);

I hope it runs on Windows too, but I couldn't find any sane terminal, that would support 256 colors. Sorry, Windows guys. Please, file an issue, if you noticed bugs or something.

Ruby versions

  • MRI 1.9.3
  • MRI 1.9.2
  • MRI 1.8.7
  • REE 1.8.7-2012.02
  • JRuby 1.6.7

Under the hood

Basically, Pry Theme is nothing but a CodeRay color scheme with a human-readable syntax.


The project uses Zlib License. See LICENSE file for more information.