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@barnybug barnybug released this May 31, 2018 · 1 commit to master since this release


6b358a0 Fix goreleaser version
5e4ef63 Fix goreleaser version
129f77f Fix upx
243e755 goreleaser fix
92ab727 Get deps for releases
583ba1d Drop arm64 from releases
b31acbf goreleaser
8f8491c Add url load (partially working)
a92c32b Switch to
1adc6c5 Switch to dep
3896d2c arm64 fix
8197169 Merge pull request #1 from fomojola/patch-1
c5014b1 ARM compatibility
63c5a66 Add tip
eb5488f Fix to friendly name (chromecast firmware changed this)
166322e Updates vendor
3dad079 Add -i -v to build
02384fa Don't send mediaSessionId with LOAD requests.
4ca29fe Add status to discover.
383f77b Filter duplicates from 'discover'
87c4881 Move media commands to subcommands.
fce0e9f Add Device() to client.
ad7327c Add --name to connect by name of device.
1c8e5a9 Remove found devices check in discovery - better done by caller.
7adb11d Add String() to Client

Automated with GoReleaser
Built with go version go1.10 linux/amd64

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