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Bolt 4 - beta

Cleanse this world with flame
End this, cleanse this
Rebuild and start again
Obliterate what makes us weak

-- Hatebreed - Destroy Everything

Progress towards beta / stable

Follow the progress on Bolt 4, at the following locations

If you want to check out Bolt, the composer create-project method is recommended. See here: . This repository should be used to work on Bolt. Not with Bolt.

To set up a running environment of Bolt 4 please perform the following steps 1 to 4:

1 Install

To install a development version of Bolt 4:

  • Check out this git repository
  • Then run:
composer install
npm install && npm run build

Alternatively, run make install, on a UNIX-like system.

Or install with Docker

To install Bolt 4 with Docker (for now, on a UNIX-like system):

  • Check out the git repo
  • Then run:
make docker-install

Actually, just add docker- prefix to any Make command and that's it!

When installed with Docker, in your browser go to for the frontend, and to for the Admin Panel.

2 Set up Database

  • Configure the database connection in .env or stick with the default SQLite, which should work out of the box.
  • Then run:
bin/console doctrine:database:create
bin/console doctrine:schema:create
bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load -n

Alternatively, run make db-create, on a UNIX-like system.

3 Re-set the Database

This is a Bolt prototype in flux, so stuff can break, and you might want to reset the database to the "factory settings". To re-set a database to the latest, with fresh dummy-content run the following:

bin/console doctrine:schema:drop --force
bin/console doctrine:schema:create
bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load -n

Alternatively, run make db-reset, on a UNIX-like system.

4 Run the prototype

  • Using the Symfony CLI tool, just run symfony server:start.

  • Alternatively, run bin/console server:start (if running bin/console server:startdoes not work because you don't have the pcntl extension, run bin/console server:run)

In your browser, go to for the frontend, and to for the Admin Panel.

You can log on, using the default user & pass:

  • user: admin
  • pass: admin%1

How to build assets

To set up initially, run npm install to get the required dependencies / node_modules. Then:

  • Run npm run start

See the other options by running npm run.

Code Style checking / Static Analysis

Run the following commands with make, to perform Code Style checking and automatic fixing:

  • make cscheck: Run ECS and PHPStan
  • make csfix: Run ECS, perform automatic fixes and run PHPStan

On windows, you can run the commands separately:

vendor/bin/ecs.bat check src
vendor/bin/ecs.bat check src --fix
vendor/bin/phpstan.bat analyse -c phpstan.neon src


Bolt uses several testing frameworks for different test layers:

  • unit: PHPSpec, PHPUnit, Jest
  • integration (of Symfony services): PHPUnit with KernelTestCase
  • functional (API Contracts): Behat
  • acceptance (UI, end-to-end): Kakunin

To run PHP unit tests:

make test

To run E2E tests:

make e2e

Fixing IDE issues

  • PHPStorm does not see @bolt Twig namespace.

    The namespace needs to be added manually in Twig Plugin settings, pointing to templates folder.


These are the translations used in Bolt. We rely on the community to expand on new translations, and keep them up to date. If you wish to participate, read the instructions here.

Several translation-related Console commands are available:

  • bin/console translation:download - Download translations from Loco (replaces all local ones)
  • bin/console translation:sync bolt down - Download translations from Loco (replaces local changes if there is a conflict)
  • bin/console translation:sync bolt up - Send updated translations to Loco
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