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This Release is a Pre-release of version 2 to allow those who have already ugraded to FP8 to test

I haven't actually downloaded FP8 yet, so I can't say for sure that the updated version works perfectly. Here is a bit of background, I had been working with IBM team to make sure that the necessary changes would be sufficient. I received an updated version of the 'team' plugin and have tested my POC successfully against that updated plugin, but I haven't tested it fully against the full new FP8 because, as previously mentioned, I haven't downloaded it yet.

Here are the steps to install and ugrade:

  • Download Swiper v2.0.0-alpha release from Github and install to designer
  • 'Remove Swiper' and then 'Add Swiper' from any projects currently using swiper Basically, the 'remove' will remove the old builders that are no longer needed, then 'add' will re-enable the new version.
  • Check that it is swiping your metadata whenever you sync!

I will also upgrade my Notes over the next week and test. Once I have heard back from a few people that it is working well, then I will prepare the final release of v2.0.0 and update the OpenNTF Project page.

New feature - Sync Button on the toolbar

There is a little 'sync' button with 2 'refresh' arrows which will trigger the sync for the currently active project