Swiper FP8 Pre-Release 2 (beta)

@camac camac released this Mar 16, 2017 · 6 commits to synclistener since this release

Swiper FP8 Pre-Release 2

This is the same as the v2.0.0-alpha release (for FP8) with the following additions

New Preference

Added a Preference under File -> Preferences -> Swiper
Enable Swiper for All Projects - This can be used so that you don't need to add swiper nature to every project, it will automatically run for any Source Control enabled projects

New Toolbar Buttons

Added some toolbar buttons: (note you must select the project for the toolbar to enable I might try to fix this later)

Refresh ODP - useful if you have 'Refresh Automatically' off but have 'Auto Import' on
Refresh ODP and then Import - useful if you have 'Refresh Automatically' off AND 'Auto Import' off
Open ODP Folder in System Explorer - useful to quickly jump to the ODP Folder !

I'd love some feedback on Icon choices! Preferably something from FamFamFam Silk Icon set
Sync and Refresh ODP look a bit similar
For 'Refresh and Sync' I used 8-ball because I just couldn't figure out a suitable icon for 'refresh and sync'