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This is Layers - a QiX clone. This game was made for Ludum Dare 29, a game making Jam where you have to finish a game in 48 hours.


The goal of Layers is to clear each level, cutting away parts of it until you reach 80%. Enemies can kill you while you are trying to cut the level. What is under the surface? Some levels might be insightful, others just quirky.

You control the game using a touch screen (or mouse). Tap/clip the screen to go to the closest point to that location. Swipe the screen to start cutting, or to change the direction while cutting. There are undocumented keyboard controls, but they are not 100% supported yet.

The jar binary can be used on any computer with Java 1.6 or above.
The apk binary can be used on any android devices (I've tested on my Nexus7 and my Arrows 6)

See the game submitted page at


  • Version 1.0.1 fixes a serious bug on android which made the game unplayable if the user left the game and returned. It also adds a tutorial level.