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CASH Music

CASH Music is a nonprofit working to educate and empower musicians. Supported by the Shuttleworth Foundation.


The code driving our publishing/tagging system on

Updated Jun 24, 2016


A free and open platform giving all musicians access to tools that let them manage, promote, and sell their music online.

Updated Jun 23, 2016

JavaScript 39 20


JavaScript library providing video lightboxes, audio player (via SM2), and element tweening based on audio progress. Also CASH Music embeds.

Updated Jun 21, 2016


The CASH Music "bobo" venue database. A free and open dataset of venue information with open API search access.

Updated Jun 6, 2016

Perl 2 1


A Vagrant environment for launching new CASH development instances.

Updated May 28, 2016

HTML 3 0


CASH Music Quick Start 3rd party Templates

Updated Feb 24, 2016


A place for our experiments

Updated Nov 16, 2014

JavaScript 7 5


Resources and output from a few different music track sessions at MozFest 2014

Updated Nov 3, 2014

Updated Apr 4, 2014


Notes, information, and code from our summits in CHI, NYC, SEA, and ATL.

Updated Feb 26, 2014


A thing that lets you make downloads for Kickstarter backers using S3 and KS backer exports.

Updated Dec 23, 2013

The CASH Music platform, packaged for Cloud Foundry install with

Updated Apr 27, 2013


UX plans, mock-ups, and sketches — used for platform buildout

Updated Feb 9, 2013


Any and all publicly-posted CASH Music legal statements, for the purpose of change tracking

Updated Jan 31, 2013

The main CASH website

Updated Nov 7, 2012

JavaScript 2 268


forked from mozilla/persona

A secure, distributed, and easy to use identification system.

Updated Oct 27, 2011

JavaScript 31 5


Flower is a JavaScript library designed to give musicians easy access to UI tools like image/video lightboxes and sound players. Built with MooTools and SoundManager 2. And computers.

Updated Oct 10, 2011

JavaScript 3 2


Some bullshit that needs porting to the new platform

Updated Sep 2, 2011


A simple webapp that uses Facebook connect-js to deliver downloads to fans of a specified page

Updated Apr 6, 2011


Simple webapp that facilitates a download for tweet mechanism

Updated Dec 20, 2010

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