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Awesome Helm Awesome

A collaborative list of awesome Helm resources.

Helm is the package manager for Kubernetes, it makes deploying complex application workloads simple, helps organize the update process.



Repositories / hubs

Official Kubernetes Helm repositories

3rd party repositories / hubs

  • Fabric8 - chart repository by Fabric8
  • Kubeapps - Kubeapps helm chart hub by Bitnami

Application repositories

These usually hold a single chart or a group of connected charts. Can be more up to date than the mainstream Kubernetes repos.

  • Gitlab Omnibus - an All-In-One chart for deploying Gitlab in Kubernetes
  • Gitlab Cloud-native - a fresh start for Gitlab Kubernetes deployment, services are now split into their own containers
  • Jupyterhub and Binderhub - charts for deploying services to run Jupyter notebooks
  • VMware Harbor - VMWare's solution for a container registry
  • OpenStack - various charts by the OpenStack project
  • Fn Project - Fn serverless platform charts
  • Lenses - charts for Lenses, Apache Kafka, Kafka Connect and other components for data streaming and data integration
  • Zalenium - flexible and scalable container based Selenium Grid with video recording, live preview, basic auth & dashboard
  • Elasticsearch Fluentd Kibana - chart to deploy a full EFK stack for Kubernetes monitoring
  • Eclipse Che - instructions to install the Eclipse Che from the Helm chart bundled with the app
  • - Helm chart for API management platform


  • Helm Diff - A helm plugin that shows a diff explaing what a helm upgrade and helm rollback would change. It can also compare two separate revisions of the release.
  • Helm Env - a helm plugin to show the environment variables available to a helm plugin.
  • Helm Last - A helm plugin that shows the latest release interacted with. This is useful for chaining commands together like helm status $(helm last).
  • Helm Local - a helm plugin to run Tiller (helm 2's server-side component) as a local daemon.
  • Helm Nuke - A helm plugin that deletes and purges all releases stored by Tiller.
  • Helm Secrets - A helm plugin to manage and store secrets safely
  • Helm Monitor - Plugin to monitor a release and rollback based on Prometheus/ElasticSearch query

Tools, Extras

Helm-related tools

  • - Continuous delivery for Kubernetes - enhances Helm with auto upgrades and other cool features
  • Helmfile - Helmfile is a declarative spec for deploying helm charts
  • Autohelm - autohelm is a tool to simplify management and installation of multiple releases
  • Monocular - A web-based application that enables the search and discovery of charts from multiple Helm Chart repositories
  • Ship - A tool that makes it easy to watch and apply updates to Helm charts and integrates Kustomize patches and overlays


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Contributions are most welcome!

This list is just getting started, please contribute to make it super awesome.

Check out the Contributing Guidelines.


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