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Releases: celzero/rethink-app


06 May 16:46
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🖥 LAN Party

  • New feature: Exclude Private IPs (LAN / link-local).
  • Bug fix: Make Bypass DNS & Firewall setting work.
  • Show Maybe Blocked in DNS Logs for domains that may be blocked by the Firewall.
  • Show adaptive icon where supported.
  • Prompt bio-metric authentication prompts once every 15 minutes.
  • 6 other UI and performance improvements.

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08 Mar 14:31
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  • New feature: Advanced DNS filtering; apply domain rules only when apps connect.
  • New feature: Allow or deny domains per app.
  • New feature: Allow or deny domains for all apps.
  • New feature: Bypass both DNS and Firewall rules per app.
  • New feature: Packet capture (PCAP).
  • New feature: DNS Booster; coalesce requests, cache responses.
  • New feature: Edit domain and IP rules.
  • And other minor UI changes and bug fixes.


12 Jan 17:15
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RA Fisher!

  • New feature: All new Statistics screen.
  • New feature: Secure this app using screen lock.
  • New feature: Choose your preferred language from app settings.
  • New feature: RDNS+ Simple view shows well-curated lists only.
  • Rename: App lockdown mode is now Isolate mode.
  • Rename: Bypass app rules is now called Trust IP.
  • Fix crash when Rethink is installed in a Work Profile.
  • Now deleting app-specific rules when the app is uninstalled.
  • And other minor UI changes and bug fixes.


06 Dec 17:24
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  • Re-support Android 6.
  • All new RDNS+ UI.
  • All new firewall and network engine.
  • New feature: Translations in 15+ languages.
  • New feature: Adaptive icons.
  • New feature: Show domain names in per app network logs.
  • Fix missing notifications on Android 13.
  • Fix misbehaving Orbot DNS integration.
  • Apps screen now accessible in DNS-only mode.
  • Major improvements to built-in Download Manager.


14 Oct 06:47
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Introducing a more private Rethink resolver, Max.
Mark IPv6 as experimental; switch to IPv4 by default.
New feature: Backup and restore app settings.
New feature: App lockdown mode.
New feature: Universal lockdown mode.
New feature: Apply firewall rules on port numbers.
New feature: Apply app firewall rules in batches.
Minor UI refresh.
Other memory and crash fixes.


07 Sep 18:21
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Fixes for connectivity issues seen by Meta apps (Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, etc).
Improved Orbot integration.
Overhaul SOCKS5 Proxy implementation.
A few Download Manager changes.
Other critical Firewall related bug fixes.


25 Jul 18:55
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IPv6 support.
Per app IP blocklists.
New firewall rule: Block port 80 (insecure HTTP) traffic.
New firewall rule: Block connections on metered (mobile) network.
New feature: Connect to System or Network provided DNS.
New feature: Block connections over metered (mobile) and unmetered (wifi) networks.
New feature: Per app network report card.
New feature: Add IP addresses or IP subnet ranges as firewall rules.
UI overhaul for Firewall and DNS screens.
All-new network engine.


18 Nov 13:25
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Minor release fixing a terrible file-bloat.

Leftover local blocklist files were not deleted
which resulted in ever-increasing app size.
Worse still, users had no way to delete these
except 'clear data'.

Now, the leftover files, if any, are deleted on every
blocklist download run.

Leftovers are also handled for remote blocklist files.


21 Sep 17:26
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  1. New firewall rule: Block connections not resolved by user-configured DNS endpoint.
  2. New firewall rule: Block newly installed apps by default.
  3. Network Log UI now shows domain names corresponding to IP addresses.
  4. DNS Log UI now shows all IPs received as part of DNS response.
  5. Forward all traffic to port 53 to user-configured DNS endpoint.
  6. Improved search filters for network logs.
  7. Quick action buttons on Home Screen.
  8. A brand new Pause mode which suspends DNS and Firewall for unblocked apps.
  9. Major bug fixes around internet connectivity issues.
  10. Share automatically generated bug reports from the About page.
  11. UI refresh of the Settings page.
  12. Improvements to "Block any app not in use feature"; no longer experimental.
  13. 50 other performance improvements and bug fixes throughout the app.


15 Apr 13:25
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v0.5.3e Pre-release

DNS Logs UI now shows website icons corresponding to DNS queries. These icons are fetched from DuckDuckGo. To enable / disable this see the Settings screen.
An edge case during app start-up where all connections were allowed while the firewall rules were being loaded has been fixed.
Changes to the way the app recovers from the 'Waiting' state.