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Python Client for Kitsu API (Zou)
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Gazu, steroïds for your CG tools

Gazu is a Python client that allows to fetch data easily from your CG production environment (tasks, shots, assets, casting and dependencies). More than giving access to data, it allows to perform operations like generating file paths, marking a task as started, setting a thumbnail on a shot and many more. To make it short, it will boost your pipeline tools!

It is made to be used with the Zou API. It requires an up and running instance of Zou to run properly.

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Install Gazu in your application environment via pip:

pip install gazu

The client requires a few extra configuration before being used. It needs to know where is located the API server and to log in:

import gazu

gazu.log_in("", "password")

Let's finish with an example. Fetch all the open projects:

projects = gazu.project.all_open_projects()

Then jump to the documentation to see what features are available!


Documentation is available on a dedicated website:


All contributions are welcome as long as they respect the C4 contract.

Code must follow the pep8 convention.


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  • @aboellinger (Unit Image)
  • @BigRoy (Colorbleed)
  • @col-one (Allegorithmic)
  • @flablog (Les Fées Spéciales)
  • @frankrousseau (CGWire) - maintainer
  • @kguyaux
  • @g-Lul (TNZPV)
  • @jdrese (HEAJ)
  • @pcharmoille (Unit Image)
  • @tokejepsen (Bumpybox)
  • @tpodeva

About authors

Gazu is written by CG Wire, a company based in France. We help small to midsize CG studios to manage their production and build pipeline efficiently.

We apply software craftmanship principles as much as possible. We love coding and consider that strong quality and good developer experience matter a lot. Our extensive experience allows studios to get better at managing production and doing software. They can focus more on the artistic work.

Visit for more information.

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