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Zou is the Kitsu API. It allows you to store and manage your production data
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Zou is the memory of your CG production

Zou is an API that stores and manages data related to CG productions. All your pipeline tools can be synchronized together through it.

A dedicated Python client, Gazu, allows users to integrate Zou into the tools.

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Zou can:

  • Store production data, such as projects, shots, assets, tasks, metadata files, and validations.
  • Provide folder and file paths for any task.
  • Import data from Shotgun or CSV files.
  • Export main data to CSV files.
  • Provide helpers to manage workflow tasks (start, publish, retake).
  • Listen to events to plug external modules on it.

Installation and documentation

Installation of Zou requires the setup of third-party tools such as a database instance, so it is recommended to the follow the documentation:


Contributions are welcomed so long as the C4 contract is respected.

Zou is based on Python and the Flask framework.

Instructions for setting up a development environment are available in the documentation


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  • @aboellinger
  • @BigRoy (Colorbleed)
  • @flablog (Les Fées Spéciales)
  • @frankrousseau (CGWire) - maintainer
  • @g-Lul (TNZPV)
  • @pcharmoille (Unit Image)

About authors

Zou is written by CG Wire, a company based in France. We help small to midsize CG studios to manage their production and build pipeline efficiently.

We apply software craftmanship principles as much as possible. We love coding and consider that strong quality and good developer experience matter a lot. Our extensive experience allows studios to get better at managing production and doing software. They can focus more on the artistic work.

Visit for more information.

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