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What's New in libchewing 0.3.0 (May 15, 2006)

@czchen czchen released this · 1307 commits to master since this release

  • This is a new development branch differing a lot from 0.2.x series, and breaks API/ABI for new features.
  • UTF-8 based language engine core for common Unicode environment.
  • Porting layer for POSIX/Unix-like and Win32 to reduce the redundant porting process.
  • New API design for better consistency.
  • Merge the efforts from libchewing-data subproject, which means various phrases have been reviewed and corrected.
  • Zuin fixes and symbol improvements.
  • Support key 'j' / 'k' for paging in selection mode.
  • Fix some internal memory management bugs and leaks.
  • Improved internal test suite.
  • New binary-form of user hash data to speed up loading and solve hash data corruption.
  • Better calculating of internal tree and phone constants.
  • Revised tsi.src for richer phrases and avoiding crashes.
  • Merge phone and phrase from CNS11643.
  • Reduce the amount for the expose for internal symbols.
  • Improved Han-Yu PinYin to use table-lookup implementation.
  • Experimental frequency-evaluation. (re-compute chewing lifetime)
  • Implement the choice mechanism for pair symbols.
  • Improved Tab handling to allow the switching over different frequency orders of candidated phrases.
  • New auxiliary module for simpler API uses.
  • Experimental memory-mapping based binary data handling to speed up data loading.
  • Successful stories: . Sun Solaris 10 U2 and 11 will provide built-in Chewing IM support. . OXIM input method suite from OpenDesktop/OSSI provides Chewing support as its default input method. . New Win32-Chewing subproject to provide efficient input method solution on Microsoft Windows platforms.


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