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What's New in libchewing 0.3.4 (Dec 31, 2012)

ChangZhuo Chen (陳昌倬) czchen released this · 606 commits to master since this release

  • Improve the description of libchewing API
    • Simplified examples to illustrate the usage are added
  • Revise libchewing API. Check the documentation for details
  • Support THL (Taiwan Huayu Luomapinyin) and MPS2 Pinyin keyboard layout
  • Reimplementation of unit test framework. No external 'check' package is required
  • Fix several phrase errors
    • Add exceptional phrase as well
  • Improved developer and user guide
  • Introduce CMake based build system, which is convenient to MS-Windows based environments.
  • Add --enable-gcov to enable gcov coverage
  • Fix possible strncat() overflow
  • Consistent checks for bopomofo sequence internally
  • Handle incomplete bopomofo with space key properly
  • Internal structure refactoring
  • Read hash path from CHEWING_PATH environment variable
  • Make libchewing thread-safe
  • Fix IM crash by changing default candidate per page to 10
  • Fix the detection of ncursesw
  • Fix the usage of autotools
  • Update and tune symbols
  • Fix valgrind warning
  • Fix several compilation warnings
  • Fix GCC visibility availability for Darwin specific PIC code
  • Fix hash table initialization and its memory leakage
  • Support building with mingw32 toolchain
  • Fix GNU Hurd build
  • Fix Microsoft VC build
  • Fix Windows 64-bit build
  • Fix mingw32/64 + WINE build
  • Successful stories: . GCIN supports experimental Chewing IM since version 1.6.4 . HIME supports Chewing IM . UCIMF supports Chewing IM . Fcitx supports Chewing IM . mozc (IM framework maintained by Google) provides Chewing support . JMCCE (reworked version) supports libchewing
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