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DropkicK Execution

The syntax for running drop kick is:

dk.exe [command] [/argument:value [/argument:value]] [--switch [--switch]]



trace (default)

do a fake run of the deployment without affecting system.


Verifies you settings and deployments is correctly configured.


perform the deployment.




DK expects you to pass in the environment name you are targeting. This is core to setting up what settings files and servermaps it will be looking for when executing. If you pass in LOCAL, it will start to look for LOCAL.js and LOCAL.servermaps.
Defaults to LOCAL.


The name of the role or roles you want to deploy.
Defaults to all roles.


Path to the directory containing the settings files.
Defaults to .\settings relative to the current working directory.


The assembly or class to use for the deployment.
Defaults to Deployment.dll seated next to dk.exe, not the current working directory. (NOTE: We have talked about changing this behavior to scan the current directory instead of dk.exe directory)


  • SomeName.Deployment.dll (path to the assembly containing your deployment class)
  • OR SomeName.Deployment.StandardDepoy (a classname, lack of .dll)




Unattended installation (this is a new feature, so some tasks may not yet adhere to it)


dk.exe execute
The above deploys all roles of Deployment.dll (seated next to dk.exe) to the LOCAL environment looking for .\settings\LOCAL.servermaps and .\settings\LOCAL.js.

dk.exe execute /deployment:..\deployments\somename.deployment.dll /environment:TEST /settings:..\settings /roles:Web,Host
This deploys just the Web,Host roles of somename.deployment.dll to the TEST environment looking for ..\settings\TEST.servermaps and ..\settings\TEST.js.

dk.exe execute /environment:DEV --silent
The above silently deploys all roles of Deployment.dll (seated next to dk.exe) to the DEV environment looking for .\settings\DEV.servermaps and .\settings\DEV.js.

You can also run dk /? for current help settings.