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Fluent Emoji as a Service

Note: Fluent Emoji is licensed under MIT Licence by Microsoft. This repository contains scripts to distribute the resources in an easy-to-use format. This project is not affiliated with Microsoft.


Calculate codepoints

console.log([...'🫠'].map((cp) => cp.codePointAt(0).toString(16)).join('-')); // => 1fae0

3D (WebP)

melting face emoji (3D, WebP)

3D (SVG)

melting face emoji (3D, SVG)

Flat (SVG)

melting face emoji (flat, SVG)

High Contrast (SVG)

melting face emoji (high contrast, SVG)

ZWJ Sequences

console.log([...'🙋🏻‍♀️'].map((cp) => cp.codePointAt(0).toString(16)).join('-')); // => 1f64b-1f3fb-200d-2640-fe0f

woman raising hand: light skin tone emoji (3D, WebP)