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Backup all the repositories of a github user or organization automatically.
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GitHub-Backup makes a local backup copy of all of a github user's (or github organization's) repositories.


GitHub-Backup requires the PyGitHub Python package for the GitHub API v3.

Installation is simple with

pip install -r requirements.txt


usage: [-h] [-v {all,public,private}]
                        [-a {owner,collaborator,organization_member}] [-d]
                        [-q] [-m] [-f] [-g ARGS [ARGS ...]]
                        [-t {git,http,ssh}] [-s SUFFIX] [-p PASSWORD]
                        [-P PREFIX] [-o ORG]
                        login_or_token backupdir

makes a backup of all of a github user's repositories

positional arguments:
  login_or_token        A Github username or token
  backupdir             The folder where you want your backups to go

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -v {all,public,private}, --visibility {all,public,private}
                        Filter repos by their visibility
  -a {owner,collaborator,organization_member}, --affiliation {owner,collaborator,organization_member}
                        Filter repos by their affiliation
  -d, --debug           Show debug info
  -q, --quiet           Only show errors
  -m, --mirror          Create a bare mirror
  -f, --skip-forks      Skip forks
  -g ARGS [ARGS ...], --git ARGS [ARGS ...]
                        Pass extra arguments to git
  -t {git,http,ssh}, --type {git,http,ssh}
                        Select the protocol for cloning
  -s SUFFIX, --suffix SUFFIX
                        Add suffix to repository directory names
  -p PASSWORD, --password PASSWORD
                        Authenticate with Github API
  -P PREFIX, --prefix PREFIX
                        Add prefix to repository directory names
  -o ORG, --organization ORG
                        Backup Organizational repositories

Then, put it in a cron job somewhere and forget about it for eternity.

How To Back Up Entire GitHub Organisation Repos

  1. Install Dependencies: `sudo pip install pygithub3]
  2. Clone this repo using [git clone
  3. Just open the cloned repo folder and run the terminal:
./ [Your GitHub Username] [Path To Saving Directory] -o [For Organisation]


./ mohamed786 /home/mohamed786/githubbak -o LineageOS

Why This Software Exists

This software is useful in many cases:

  • GitHub suddenly explodes.
  • GitHub goes out of business.
  • Your corporation's backup policies are more stringent than GitHub's.
  • You have spotty/no internet access - perhaps you'd like to have all of your repositories available to code on while you ride the train?
  • You are paranoid tinfoil-hat wearer who needs to back up everything in triplicate on a variety of outdated tape media.

Questions, Improvements, Etc

If you have any improvements, I'm happy, (grateful, in fact) to entertain pull requests/patches, just drop me a line or message me on GitHub.


Idea/original implementation by

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