A Mac-specific keyboard layout for the lofree mechanical keyboard that shifts the numeric row back into place.
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Lofree Mechanical Keyboard Layout for Mac OS X

If you own a lofree Mechanical Keyboard, you’re aware that the numeric and function rows have been shifted to the right by one key. This keyboard layout, Lofree.keylayout, shifts the numeric row back to its original position, but leaves the function keys alone.

Lofree.keylayout was created using the Summer Institute of Linguistics’ Ukelele Keyboard Layout Editor. See below for installation.


  1. Copy the file Lofree.keylayout to ~/Library/Keyboard Layouts:
  2. Open System PreferencesKeyboard, then choose the Input Sources tab. Make sure Show Input menu in menu bar is checked.
  3. Click the + icon along the left column:
  4. Search for “lofree” in the Search field. Along the right column, U.S.--Lofree should appear. Click on it then click the Add button on the bottom.
  5. U.S.--Lofree should now appear along the left column:
  6. You’ll have an icon in the menu bar, to the left of the clock, that you can now click to toggle input sources. Choose U.S.--Lofree

Notes: Toggling between windows is done with ctrl + command + 1, and, the key with the backtick and the tilde is now in the slot to the left of the delete key. It acts as a placeholder in this layout, because that key is now mapped to a dead key.

Verified On…

  • Mac OS 10.11.x
  • Mac OS 10.12.x