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Codecov Global Python Uploader @codecov

Find coverage reports for all the languages below, gather them and submit them to Codecov.

Codecov Features

  • Reports are automatically combined with no extra setup. Each build is stored separately and combined.
  • Multiple languages are supported in a single upload and repository.
  • Optionally stores environment variables per build.


pip install --user codecov && codecov -t the-repository-upload-token

--user argument not needed for Python projects. See example here.


Python, C#/.net, Java, Node/Javascript/Coffee, C/C++, D, Go, Groovy, Kotlin, PHP, R, Scala, Xtern, Xcode, Lua and more...

Using tox?

Codecov can be set up in your tox.ini.

Just please make sure to pass all the necessary environment variables through:

deps = codecov>=1.4.0
commands = codecov -e TOXENV

See all the environment variables for other CI providers here


Below are the most commonly used settings.

Argument Environment Description
-t CODECOV_TOKEN Private repo token for uploading
-e CODECOV_ENV List of config vars to store for the build
-F Flag this upload to group coverage reports. Ex. unittests or integration
# public repository on Travis CI
  - pip install --user codecov
  - codecov
# private repository on Travis CI
  - pip install --user codecov
  - codecov -t the-repository-upload-token

CI Providers

Company Supported Token Required
Travis CI Yes Build Status Private only
CircleCI Yes Private only
Codeship Yes Public & Private
Jenkins Yes Public & Private
Semaphore Yes Public & Private Yes Public & Private
AppVeyor Yes Build status Public & Private
Wercker Yes Public & Private
Magnum CI Yes Public & Private
Shippable Yes Public & Private
Gitlab CI Yes Public & Private
Snap CI Yes Public & Private
git / mercurial Yes (as a fallback) Public & Private
Buildbot coming soon buildbot/buildbot#1671
Bamboo coming soon
Solano Labs coming soon

Using Travis CI? Uploader is compatible with sudo: false which can speed up your builds. 👍


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