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REVA is an interoperability platform. It connects storage, sync and share platforms and application providers, and it does it in a vendor and platform neutral way by using the CS3 APIS.


Head to Documentation for documentation or download to get the latest available release.

Documentation & Support

Read the getting started guide and the other feature guides.

Build and run it yourself

You need to have Go (version 1.16 or higher), git and make installed. Some of these commands may require sudo, depending on your system setup.

$ git clone
$ cd reva
$ make deps
$ make build
$ mkdir -p /etc/revad
$ cp examples/storage-references/users.demo.json /etc/revad/users.json
$ cp examples/storage-references/groups.demo.json /etc/revad/groups.json
$ cp examples/storage-references/providers.demo.json /etc/revad/ocm-providers.json
$ cmd/revad/revad -dev-dir examples/storage-references

You can also read the build from sources guide and the setup tutorial.

Run tests

Reva's codebase continuously undergoes testing at various levels.

To understand which tests exist, you can have a look at the Makefile and the Drone run logs.

The tests run by CERN's instance of Drone CI/CD are defined in the file.

NB: The tests/oc-integration-tests/drone and tests/oc-integration-tests/local folders contain the configuration fixtures that are used to start up the Reva instance to test (on drone CI/CD or on your local system, respectively), for both these acceptance tests ("ownCloud legacy integration tests") and the Litmus tests.

Unit tests

This runs the <unit>_test.go files that appear next to some of the <unit>.go files in the code tree.

For instance pkg/utils/utils_test.go contains unit tests for pkg/utils/utils.go.

To run all of them you can do make test.

If you see TestGetManagerWithInvalidUser/Nil_in_user fail, try removing /etc/revad/users.json on your system.

To run a single one of them you can do:

$ go test `go list ./pkg/utils/...`
ok	0.374s

Integration tests (GRPC)

See tests/integration. This requires Redis.

make test-integration

You can get more verbose output with ginkgo -v -r tests/integration/.

NB: This will work better on Linux than on MacOS because of issues with static linking (library not found for -lcrt0.o).

Litmus tests (WebDAV)

Litmus is a webdav test suite. The litmus tests for Reva's WebDAV interface are run using the ownCloud's litmus Docker image. The '-old' and '-new' refer to which LITMUS_URL environment variable is passed to that Docker image, in other words, which path on the Reva server the litmus tests are run against.

  1. start the needed services

    mkdir -p /var/tmp/reva/einstein
    cd tests/oc-integration-tests/local
    ../../../cmd/revad/revad -c frontend.toml &
    ../../../cmd/revad/revad -c gateway.toml &
    ../../../cmd/revad/revad -c storage-home.toml &
    ../../../cmd/revad/revad -c storage-users.toml &
    ../../../cmd/revad/revad -c users.toml
  2. run litmus tests:

    docker run --rm --network=host\
        -e LITMUS_URL=http://localhost:20080/remote.php/webdav \
        -e LITMUS_USERNAME=einstein \
        -e LITMUS_PASSWORD=relativity \
    • add TESTS env. variable to test only a subset of tests e.g -e TESTS="basic http copymove props"
    • change LITMUS_URL for other tests e.g. -e LITMUS_URL=http://localhost:20080/remote.php/dav/files/einstein or to a public-share link
    • if on MacOS you see FAIL (connection refused by '' port 20080: Connection refused), it may be necessary to replace 'localhost' with your host IP address (e.g. ipconfig getifaddr en0 or sudo ifconfig | grep 192)

Acceptance tests (ownCloud legacy)

See tests/acceptance.

This will require some PHP-related tools to run, for instance on Ubuntu you will need apt install -y php-xml php-curl composer.

  1. start an LDAP server

    docker run --rm --hostname \
        -e LDAP_TLS_VERIFY_CLIENT=never \
        -e \
        -e LDAP_ORGANISATION=ownCloud \
        -e LDAP_ADMIN_PASSWORD=admin \
        --name docker-slapd \
        -p \
        -p 636:636 -d osixia/openldap
  2. start the needed services

    cd tests/oc-integration-tests/local
    ../../../cmd/revad/revad -c frontend.toml &
    ../../../cmd/revad/revad -c gateway.toml &
    ../../../cmd/revad/revad -c shares.toml &
    ../../../cmd/revad/revad -c storage-home.toml &
    ../../../cmd/revad/revad -c storage-users.toml &
    ../../../cmd/revad/revad -c storage-publiclink.toml &
    ../../../cmd/revad/revad -c ldap-users.toml
  3. clone ownCloud 10

    git clone ./testrunner
  4. to run the correct version of the testsuite check out the commit id from the .drone.env file

  5. clone the testing app

    git clone ./testrunner/apps/testing
  6. run the tests

    cd testrunner
    TEST_SERVER_URL='http://localhost:20080' \
    OCIS_REVA_DATA_ROOT='/var/tmp/reva/' \
    DELETE_USER_DATA_CMD="rm -rf /var/tmp/reva/data/nodes/root/* /var/tmp/reva/data/nodes/*-*-*-* /var/tmp/reva/data/blobs/*" \
    SKELETON_DIR='./apps/testing/data/apiSkeleton' \
    TEST_WITH_LDAP='true' \
    REVA_LDAP_HOSTNAME='localhost' \
    TEST_REVA='true' \
    BEHAT_FILTER_TAGS='~@notToImplementOnOCIS&&~@toImplementOnOCIS&&~comments-app-required&&~@federation-app-required&&~@notifications-app-required&&~systemtags-app-required&&~@provisioning_api-app-required&&~@preview-extension-required&&~@local_storage&&~@skipOnOcis-OCIS-Storage&&~@skipOnOcis' \
    EXPECTED_FAILURES_FILE=../reva/tests/acceptance/ \
    make test-acceptance-api

    This will run all tests that are relevant to reva.

    To run a single test add BEHAT_FEATURE=<feature file> and specify the path to the feature file and an optional line number. For example: BEHAT_FEATURE='tests/acceptance/features/apiWebdavUpload1/uploadFile.feature:12'

    Make sure to double check the paths if you are changing the OCIS_REVA_DATA_ROOT. The DELETE_USER_DATA_CMD needs to clean up the correct folders.

Daily releases

On every commit on the master branch (including merged Pull Requests) a new release will be created and available at daily releases.

Run it using Docker


Plugin development

Checkout the Tutorials.


To promote free and unrestricted adoption of CS3 APIs and the reference implementation REVA by all EFSS implementations and all platforms and application providers, both community and commercial, Open Source and Open Core, CERN released the source code repositories under Apache 2.0 license.

Further evolution of the CS3 APIs will be driven by the needs of the Educational and Research community with the goal of maximizing the portability of the applications and service extensions.

REVA is distributed under Apache 2.0 license.


REVA logo's have been designed and contributed to the project by Eamon Maguire.


There is no backward compatibility promises and semantic versioning yet. Semantic versioning will be added once v1.0.0 is reached.

If you want to use it, vendor it. It is always OK to change things to make things better. The API is not 100% correct in the first commit.