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Open and interoperable platform to connect Cloud Storages and Application Providers
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REVA is an interoperability platform. It connects storage, sync and share platforms and application providers, and it does it in a vendor and platform neutral way by using the CS3 APIS.


Head to Documentation for documentation or download to get the latest release.

Documentation & Support

Read the getting started guide and the other feature guides.

Build it yourself

You need to have Go, git and make installed.

$ git clone
$ cd reva
$ make deps
$ make
$ cd cmd/revad
$ ./revad -c revad.toml -p

You can also read the build from sources guide.

Run it using Docker


Plugin development

Checkout the Plugin Development Guide.


To promote free and unrestricted adoption of CS3 APIs and the reference implementation REVA by all EFSS implementations and all platforms and application providers, both community and commercial, Open Source and Open Core, CERN released the source code repositories under Apache 2.0 license.

Further evolution of the CS3 APIs will be driven by the needs of the Educational and Research community with the goal of maximizing the portability of the applications and service extensions.

REVA is distributed under Apache 2.0 license.


REVA logo's have been designed and contributed to the project by Eamon Maguire.


There is no backward compatibility promises and semantic versioning yet. Semantic versioning will be added once v1.0.0 is reached.

If you want to use it, vendor it. It is always OK to change things to make things better. The API is not 100% correct in the first commit.

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