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Standardized and portable CK packages for ad-hoc code, data and models

CK installation procedure is available here.

CK package manager unifies installation of code, data and models across different platforms and operating systems using the most appropriate solutions including wget, make, cmake, scons, spack, vcpkg, conan, easybuild, etc.

You can install a CK package into CK virtual environment as follows:

ck pull repo:{repo name}

ck install package:{package name}

using tags:

ck install package --tags={package tags}

to an unusual path:

ck install package:{package name} --install_path={full installation path}

to a CK virtual environment entry :

ck set kernel var.install_to_env=yes

ck install package:{package name}

or for a different OS target such as Android:

ck ls os:android* | sort

ck install package:{package name} --target_os={OS name from above}

You can then see or use registered virtual CK environments for installed packages as follows:

ck show env

ck show env --tags={package tags}

ck virtual env:{UID from above}

ck virtual env --tags={package tags}

Check more package installation options:

ck install package --help

Follow ck-spack repository where we attempt to connect spack and CK.

More to come soon ...

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