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Webots: open-source robot simulator

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Webots provides a complete development environment to model, program and simulate robots, vehicles and mechanical systems.


Get pre-compiled binaries for the latest release, as well as older releases and nightly builds.

Check out installation instructions:

Linux Windows macOS

Build from Source

If you prefer to compile Webots from source, read the contributing guidelines.

Continuous Integration Nightly Tests

master branch Linux build (master) Windows build (master) macOS build (master)
develop branch Linux build (develop) Windows build (develop) macOS build (develop)

About us

Webots was originally designed at EPFL in 1996 and then further developed and commercialized by Cyberbotics since 1998. In December 2018, Webots was open sourced. Since then, Cyberbotics continues to develop Webots thanks to paid customer support, training, consulting for industry and academic research projects.

Contact us to discuss your custom robot simulation projects.