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Open-data downloads for OurAirports

Open-data downloads for OurAirports, updated daily. For documentation, see

Note: OurAirports generates the files every day, but GitHub updates the date only when the contents have changed. As a result, files that change rarely, like countries.csv, may show a date weeks or months in the past.

Correcting or adding data

Please do not create pull requests. To add new airports or update information for existing ones, please go to

and create a free account. Your updates will appear in the next daily data dump to GitHub. We are unable to merge pull requests, because they would be overwritten by the next data dump.

Note that there are some things you cannot do, such as updating the internal ident that OurAirports uses, merging duplicate airports, or deleting non-existant ones. If any of those is necessary, please create a problem report (see button above satellite view for each airport), and we will get to it ASAP.

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