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SYMDIFF is a tool for symbolic differentiation. The source code is provided by Devsim LLC ( It is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License, meaning it is available for use in your own software.

Software Features:

  • Documentation
  • Expression parser
  • Symbolic differentiation of expressions with respect to arbitrary number of variables.
  • User defined differentiation rules for arbitrary functions
  • Common subexpression elimination for group of expressions
  • Expression ordering to facilitate source code generation.
  • C++ library
  • Python scripting interface
  • Tcl scripting interface

Recent changes are available in

Please see NOTICE and LICENSE files for copyright and license information.

Documentation available in doc/symdiff.pdf.


This software is available via pip from

pip install symdiff

Citing This Work:

Please see Please do not cite this Github Repository as it will be moving in the future.