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Bits and pieces from my pythonista_startup folder.
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Bits and pieces from my pythonista_startup folder.


To install a single script

If you don't have a pythonista_startup file/folder already, create a new file named under Documents or site-packages.

Each script is contained in a single function named run. Copy the entire function block from the script and paste it into your pythonista_startup file, rename the run function to something different, and then call it.

For example, a with only enable_faulthandler could look like this (full example):

def enable_faulthandler():
    import ctypes
    import datetime
    # ... rest of the pasted code ...


To install the entire package

Back up your existing pythonista_startup file/folder, then download this repo, name the folder pythonista_startup and put it under Documents or site-packages. The easiest way to do this is to run these commands in stash:

mkdir site-packages/pythonista_startup
cd site-packages/pythonista_startup
git clone

And to update:

cd site-packages/pythonista_startup
git pull
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