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Welcome to Dianping Open SDK Samples!

These open-source samples help you use Dianping API, including Java/Python/Php/JavaScript/iOS.


  • dianping-android-samples
  • dianping-javascript-samples
  • dianping-java-samples
  • dianping-ios-samples
  • dianping-php-samples
  • dianping-python-samples
  • oauth2-android-samples

How to get samples:

git clone git://

Java Samples:

  • cd dianping-java-samples
  • change App Key and secret in
  • run mvn test

Javascript Samples:

  • cd dianping-javascript-samples
  • open DemoApiRequest.html in browser
  • IMPORTANT: make sure DemoApiRequest.html is "UTF-8"

Php Samples:

  • cd dianping-php-samples
  • launch a Web application server, eg. Apache http server
  • browse DemoApiRequest.php (Make sure that your php is configured!)
  • IMPORTANT: make sure DemoApiRequest.php is "UTF-8"

Python Samples:

  • cd dianping-python-samples
  • Run

iOS Samples:

  • cd dianping-ios-samples
  • Open project with XCode (version 4.5 or above)

Android Samples:

  • cd dianping-android-samples
  • import as Eclipse Android Project
  • run As Android Application
  • this project is based on Android 4.0.3

.NET Samples:

  • cd
  • Open with Visual Studio 2010
  • this project is based on .NET Framework 4.0

OAuth2 Android Samples:

  • cd oauth2-android-samples
  • Import project into Eclipse and run as Android Project
  • this project is based on Android 4.2

If you have any suggestion, please send mails to us.

Dianping Developer Portal Site: