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funky.js is a library used to add some funky effects and other transformations to webcam media using WebRTC and CSS filters (aka shaders).

Currently, Firefox does not provide full support for the filter property whereas Chrome does. For this reason, the Negative and Sepia effects will not function correctly unless using Chrome.


  • Add a 'doodle' effect allowing the user to draw on the video
  • Add a save-as feature to save a snapshot
  • Sprite-like images overlaying the video


A demo is hosted here.


<div id="funky"></div>
<script src="funky.min.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
	var funk = new funky('funky');
	funk.on('error', function(e) {
	// Add a negative effect

Built-in Effects

funky.js has several built-in effects which may be used like so:

var funk = new funky('container');

Where true enables the effect and false disables it.

  • effectNegative
    • add a negative effect to the video
  • effectVerticalFlip
    • flip the video vertically
  • effectVerticalMirror
    • mirror the video across the y-axis
  • effectEdgeDetection
    • basic edge detection
  • effectPosterize
    • give a poster-like effect
  • effectSepia
    • alter colours to the sepia tone
  • effectRandomOffset
    • give a scrambled effect on the pixels
  • effectEdgeDetectionAlt
    • a better edge detection algorithm
  • effectScanLines
    • introduce scan lines onto the video
  • effectRgbshifting
    • Shifts RGB colors to left and right

Custom Effects

To create your own effects, simply pass a function to the draw event and it will be called every time a draw occurs.

var funk = new funky('container');
funk.on('draw', function(image, callback) {
	// do your processing here

image is an ImageData instance, you may interact with the pixels directly using, which is in the form [r, g, b, a, r, g, b, a, ...].

callback must be called when you are finished processing the pixels so funky.js knows to continue with drawing.

this is the funky.js instance.


  • on(event, callback) Hook a callback into an event
  • off(event, callback) Remove a callback from an event


  • draw Called every time a draw occurs, (image, callback) will be passed to your callback
  • error Called every time an error occurs, (error) will be passed which contains an error.code property