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A Lovelace card showing air quality data from Requires the AirVisual component.
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Air Visual Card


This is a Home Assistant Lovelace card that uses the AirVisual Sensor to provide air quality index (AQI) data and creates a card like the ones found on AirVisual website. Requires the AirVisual Sensor to be setup. Tested with Yahoo and Darksky Weather component.


  • Card colors and icons change depending on AQI level


Name Type Default Description
air_pollution_level string Optional Name of the Air Pollution Level sensor created by Airvisual component. If sensor does not exist, do not add this config value.
air_quality_index string Optional Name of the Air Quality Index sensor created by Airvisual component. If sensor does not exist, do not add this config value.
main_pollutant string Optional Name of the Main Pollutant sensor created by Airvisual component. If sensor does not exist, do not add this config value.
temp string Optional Name of the temperature sensor or weather entity, such as 'weather.yweather' or 'sensor.yweather_temperature'
country string Optional Name of the country that Airvisual is collecting AQI data from.
city string Optional Name of the city that AirVisual is collecting AQI data from.
hide_title boolean Optional Select whether to hide the title that includes city name and temperature.
icons string Optional The local directory where the .svg files are located. For example, 'icons: "/community_plugin/air-visual-card"' is appropriate if this plugin is installed using HACS. If left blank, icons will be loaded from Jsdeliver CDN.
hide_title boolean Optional Set to true if you want to hide the title that includes the city name and weather. Useful for minimalists or those using dark themes.

HACS Installation

  1. Open the HACS on your Home Assistant instance.
  2. Go to Settings
  3. Under Custom Repositories, paste the following URL:
  4. Under Type, select Plugin and click the Save icon.
  5. Click on Install, and be sure to include the following in your ui-lovelace.yaml.
- url: /community_plugin/air-visual-card/air-visual-card.js
  type: js

Manual Installation

  1. Download the AirVisual Card
  2. Place the file in your config/www folder
  3. Include the card code in the Resources section of your ui-lovelace-card.yaml like below:
  - url: /local/air-visual-card.js
    type: js
  1. Optional: If you wish to store the Airvisual icons locally, then download the icons here.

  2. Save the icons in a directory in Home Assistant, such as ''/local/icons/aqi_icons"

  3. Update the card configuration in ui-lovelace.yaml to include the following (use directory name in step #7):

     icons: "/local/icons/aqi_icons"


  1. Install the AirVisual sensor and confirm AQI, APL, and Main Pollutant sensors are created, like below.


  1. Write configuration for the card in your ui-lovelace.yaml and list your AirVisual sensors. An example is provided below:
  - type: custom:air-visual-card
    air_pollution_level: sensor.us_air_pollution_level
    air_quality_index: sensor.us_air_quality_index
    main_pollutant: sensor.us_main_pollutant
    temp: weather.dark_sky
    city: 'San Francisco'
  1. Restart Home Assistant to load the card.


  • The card doesn't show the temperature properly.

    Let me know which weather provider you are using and I'll try to fix the issue. I have only tested with the Yahoo! Weather component. Optionally, if you create a template sensor that reports the temperature as its state, you can use that sensor as for the temp config.

  • This card doesn't work in Fully Kiosk Browser on Amazon Fire tablets. Why?

    This card uses a new CSS function, CSS Grid Layout, which was implemented in October 2018, and isn't compatible with browsers using old versions of Android WebView. That's my guess anyways.

  • The card is showing the word 'unavailable' instead of the AQI data!

    Most likely your Airvisual key expired (it has a one-year expiration) and needs to be recreated. Delete and recreate a new key on and save the key in your HA config file.


I am studying programming as a hobby and this is my first set of Home Assistant projects. Unfortunately, I know nothing about Javascript and relied on studying other Lovelace custom cards to write this. Suggestions are welcome but no promises if I can fix anything! If you're familiar with CSS, then you can edit the CSS style in the .js file directly.


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